Blog Post: Even in Uncertain Times — YOU Are in Control

Even in Uncertain Times — YOU Are in Control


Getting back to some semblance of normalcy requires taking control of your life and your business. You can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen — because no one knows how things are going.

Years ago, my husband worked for a very large corporation with facilities in multiple locations. A situation arose where his skill set was needed for a project going on at a different facility, so they “temporarily” sent him there. He was allowed to come home every other weekend and it was only supposed to be for 3 months — not so bad. At the 4 month mark, he started asking questions and discovered the team wanted him there for at least another couple months – and since it was the beginning of summer, we decided the kids would spend the summer with him in his rental cottage on a lake and I would travel on the weekends to visit. At the 6 month mark, we understood they either had to transfer him or bring him back. They weren’t saying anything! So…he told the team up there they needed him back in Florida and told his boss in Florida he would be back on the 6th and voila, he was back! Sometimes you just have to take action yourself.

This is one of those times! Even if you are a solopreneur — YOU are still in control of your business. Your clients are looking for guidance and confidence on how their projects can move forward. You can find out what it will take to help them achieve their goals and how you can be part of their success stories.

If you have a larger firm, your clients AND your employees are looking to you to keep their lives intact and moving forward. That is a lot of pressure on you, but you didn’t get where you are by letting others make the hard decisions for you.

Time to take control — take stock of what you can do to help each client overcome obstacles to their project moving forward. Find out what their challenges are and ask your staff to brainstorm how your company can help. Creativity is part of what small businesses are GREAT at. Time to use it!

Use your expertise to find solutions to the way business will occur over the next months and years. Encourage people to work from home as much as possible and help your clients feel great about how well you are communicating and the teamwork that is being maintained — despite the lack of normalcy.

Encourage your employees to become part of the nurturing team for your clients and each other by being extra attentive to find out what challenges people are having and providing support where possible.

Compare notes with other business owners and leaders and become AWESOME at soft skills and you will endear yourself to your clients, prospective clients, employees and referral partners. Everyone needs a bit of extra care and patience right now as they make decisions about how much social exposure is RIGHT for their business.

Some ideas for extra care for others:

  • Find high quality information resources based on good science (vet them carefully) and then share them with your team to reduce the fear and anxiety.

  • Be totally compassionate with people no matter how they choose to move through this transition to re-opening areas. People are operating out of the information they have — and sometimes it isn’t very good info and you don’t know all their concerns.

  • Time to ASK and LISTEN to find out what others need to help them feel comfortable. Don’t just tell them — ASK and LISTEN. Good skills for the future.

  • Make the effort to just check in with people — even when you are busy — just take an extra couple minutes during your conversations, meetings, etc. to really be personally attuned and connect personally with someone. We are all looking to be more than just a business cohort, who achieves things for others benefits.