Attention Professionals as Business Owners

Attention Professionals as Business Owners

  • Are you totally frustrated with BUSINESS information that doesn't work for YOUR Professional Services firm, no matter how much you adapt it?
  • Are your employees driving you nuts needing your attention for everything?
  • Are you a solo Professional and want to have a team so you can compete with the bigger firms- but are afraid of the headaches of a team?
  • Have you been constantly trying to free yourself of business tasks so you can work on exciting Projects that you love?
  • Are you at a point that you are sick of what doesn't work and you just want to get your business running itself and profitable?  

I get it!  I've been in your shoes!   I've done it wrong (multiple times) and finally figured out how to get past all the business "success" info that doesn't work for professionals. I can help you get the business and life you know you can have. 

You're frustrated because you know what doesn’t work - you’ve gotten to that point, and you're like - "This stuff just doesn't work in my professional world" - but you don’t know how to fix it. You’ve been listening to and reading a lot of normal information on how to grow your business and it doesn’t work for the professional services world. It’s good for the business world, but it's different in the professional services world.   

I know!  You are constantly having to adapt what you hear about how to run a business vs what is true in the professional services world and I get how frustrating that is for you - because you just want to grow your business and work on great projects.   

And THAT is why I’m here. Because I am from the professional services world and I am from the business world and I can get you from where you are now, to having that effective, successful, thriving business that you know you can have. 

Take your first step to a Professional Services Business that runs itself the way YOU want it to: 

  1. Stop the frustrating chaos that you face daily. 

  2. Take a deep breath and recognize there is a better way and you can do it.

  3. Take your first steps at identifying what you REALLY need to be spending your time on (and what you should ignore).

  4. Get the "FUN", exciting projects you really want to work on - because clients feel you are confident and professional.

  5. Get moving in the direction you want to be going.

I have several openings to work with Small Professional Services Business Owners who are committed to getting off of the merry-go-round they are on. If you want to see what the first steps are, provide your name in the form to the right and you'll receive your copy of the Professional Services - Wheel of Business Assessment and some more surprises to help you create a new trajectory. 



Wheel of Business Assessment

The first step to a Professional Services Business that runs itself the way YOU want it to.

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